Our customers require professional support in all areas of computational aerodynamics (CFD) and computational aeroacoustics (CAA), in particular in:

  • Aeronautics (internal and external aero aerodynamics plus aeroacoustics)
  • Aircraft engines (noise emmission and reduction, including liner optimisation for noise reduction)
  • Further general transport areas (automobiles, trains)
  • ‘Green energy’ (wind turbines: optimisation of blade profiles, laminar-turbulent transion

CFD-Berlin provides research, development and support on:

  • Flow physics (modelling)
  • Modelling of models regarding influences of geometry changes on noise emmissions
  • Noise emmissions of turbulent flows > CAA
  • Noise detaction by means of microfone arrays
  • Optimisation (e.g. drag, lift, sidewind sensitivity, > noise damping)
  • Develoment of geometry-adapted meshes
  • Software development and improvements
  • Simulation
  • Assessment
  • Data analysis