CFD-Berlin  –  CFD Software Entwicklungs- und Forschungsgesellschaft mbH

(CFD-Berlin or in short: CFDB) is an entity working in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), supporting development and research to open the way for any customer to master all relevant application challenges in the area of fluid mechanics.

Moreover, CFD-Berlin offers a broad support for industrial projects in relation to aeronautics, automobile and rail applications as well as energy and process engineering.

CFD-Berlin has a long lasting record of succesful work and support in CFD, from research activities in the area of flow physics with emphasis in turbulence modelling, via improving CFD codes in terms of speed, efficiency and predictive accuracy. These activities include mesh generation and mesh adaptation as well as effective postprocessing, and in particular the use of optimisation by help of adjoint solvers.

In addition, CFD-Berlin offers support in multi-disciplinary applications, precisely in aeroacoustics – as a combination of CFD and CAA (Computational AeroAcoustics). In that area, we also work on noise reduction, coupling CAA with the mentioned optimisation tools.